Message from Lynne Plambeck, following the election:
"I want to thank each and everyone of  the 44,775 people that voted for me in March, 2004.  I am very grateful for your support and to those who donated to my campaign. You made it possible for an alternative voice to be heard. I have left this web site up so that you may continue to view my platform and compare it to the current operation and direction of Los Angeles County."

A new voice ... a good choice

Welcome to the website for Lynne Plambeck for Los Angeles County Supervisor, Fifth District!

The Fifth District covers all of North County, including:  Santa Clarita, Antelope Valley, Chatsworth, Northridge, Granada Hills, Claremont, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Sierra Madre, La Verne, West Covina, Covina, South Pasadena, Glendora, San Dimas, Monrovia, Arcadia, Duarte, Altadena, La Canada Flintridge, and northern San Fernando Valley.
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About Lynne Plambeck:
  B.A., CSUN
  Graduate Work in Business and professional Studies
  Small Business Owner, Burbank
  Special District Representative to Local Agency Formation Committee, 1993-97
  Current Member, Regional Advisory Council, S.Cal Association of Governments 1996-2002
  President, Newhall County Water District,2004
  Vice President, Newhall County Water District, 2002
  Member, Ground Water Committee, Association of California Water Agencies


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Lynne believes we must resolve the County's economic problems in a way that does not cut sheriffs, firefighters and other personnel that protect our communities.   We cannot resolve our problems by eliminating public benefits, closing parks and hospitals. The state must find a way to replace the local revenues that they cut by eliminating the car tax.  They had an agreement with the Counties and Cities regarding this revenue stream.  They need to keep their agreement.

As a small business owner in Burbank for over 20 years, Lynne Plambeck understands the need to promote jobs and support our local economic base. Lynne Plambeck will work hard to promote smart development that will bring jobs closer to where people live, rather than being forced drive two, three, even four hours a day to and from work.

Just elected for her third term to the Newhall County Water District, Lynne Plambeck has experience in public service and a record of both protecting residents' interests and the environment. Lynne Plambeck has fought to prevent existing residents' water supply from being diverted to the new 21,000 home development in Newhall Ranch, which could have caused water rates to skyrocket and reduced the security of supply for existing residents in the event of a drought. Lynne believes better water planning and accurate water supply reporting MUST occur in Los Angeles County before we reach crisis level.

Protecting our children's health is a top priority for Lynne Plambeck. As Supervisor, Lynne Plambeck will make sure the county maintains health services for children, and will stop gravel pits, landfills and mines from opening near homes, causing tremendous air pollution and increasing the risk of asthma for our kids.

As long time Board Member and Current President of Santa Clarita Organization for Planning the Environment (SCOPE) and the Chair of the Sierra Club Santa Clara River Campaign, Lynne Plambeck has taken a leading role in protecting the quality of life of residents in northern LA County. She supports watershed protection to enhance recreational values and protect water supply and water quality of our County rivers and streams.

Lynne Plambeck pulled together community support for saving the "Old Glory" oak tree in Pico Canyon, and stopping the two biggest "mini city" projects that will destroy hundreds of thousands of acres of open space and bring local freeways to a grinding halt: Newhall Ranch and Tejon Ranch.

Lynne Plambeck has also fought to keep the Angeles National Forest open to the public by organizing to end the "Adventure Pass" fees imposed by the U.S. Forest Service, which has unfairly forced residents in the foothills to pay for the privilege of visiting the mountains they chose to live near.

Lynne Plambeck will protect the quality of life of ALL residents, from Claremont to Santa Clarita, Lancaster, and everywhere in between. Lynne Plambeck will come to YOUR community, rather than making residents drive 20, 50, even 100 miles just to meet their supervisor.
Plambeck's Smart Growth Platform to improve the County economy, provide housing and reduce air pollution and traffic:
  • Invest in existing cities and remove barriers to redevelopment that slow growth there.
  • Create an infill incentive package that will encourage redevelopment and revitalization of older areas. Encourage planners to identify and evaluate blighted and passed over sites.
  • Work with cities and in county areas to accommodate more buildings that are a mix of stores, offices and housing.
  • Work with state and local agencies to plan rapid clean up of abandoned industrial sites and thousands of old contaminated gas station properties.
  • Work with state and local agencies to steer more state water and park bond money into older neighborhoods to create parks and upgrade old plumbing that contaminates water supplies.
  • Work with local entities on creative funding measures to stop proposed park and nature center closures.
  • Work with state and local governments to provide incentives to install solar power systems on residences and businesses and to provide incentives to retrofit commercial buildings for energy and water savings.
  • Promote watershed protection, permeable paving and other water saving measure to protect our water supply and promote the aesthetic and recreational values of our County streams and rivers.

  • Promote recycling, reuse and source reduction to lessen the need for urban landfills that may cause air and water pollution. 

    Santa Clara River at the site of the proposed 21,000 unit Newhall Ranch Project:

    Community Organizations in which Lynne Plambeck has been active:
      Sierra Club
      Santa Clarita Organization for Planning the Environment (SCOPE)
      Friends of the Santa Clara River
      Public Officials for Water and the Environment
      Landfill Alternatives Save Environmental Resources (LASER)

      Sierra Club Conservation Award
      Carla Bard Award for Water Policy in the Public Interest
      Truman Award for Volunteerism
      Roosevelt Award for Community Service

    Lynne Plambeck is committed to
    - Listening to residents' needs and concerns
    - Protecting county health care services
    - Supporting fire fighters and public safety services
    - Protecting the environment
    - Opposing new landfills, gravel pits and mines near homes
    - Preventing sprawl and overdevelopment
    - Stopping Newhall Ranch!
    - Providing better public transit
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    The incumbent, Supervisor Mike Antonovich, has promoted developers' interests time and time again, while ignoring and even attacking residents' opposition to projects that harm their quality of life. The devastating impact of the recent wildfires shows what happens when planning takes a back seat to patronage. He has also taken a leading role in pushing through drastic cutbacks to county health care services and increasing the cost of passes for transit users by nearly 25% this year!

    GET INVOLVED - it's our community! Support LYNNE PLAMBECK for County Supervisor!

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    © Copyright Lynne Plambeck 2004

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